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Personal shopper 1

Personal shopper 1 is a game where primary goal is to buy a lot of necessities for you client. Clients are wealthy business people that don't have time to waste on shopping so they hire personal shopper. Macy is your boss. She is personal shopper that needs to buy things for Mr.Bizzy. Find all things in shop that Mr. Bizzy needs.

In second part of this great game, Mr. Bizzy introduce Macy to his boss Mr. Henry. Mr. Henry's company has expending overseas and he wants of Macy to design his boardrooms so it can suit their local cultures. Your job is to help Macy to find all things for new offices.

Mr. Henry and Macy get back to their home. After doing some excellent job for Mr. Henry, he asks you to do some shopping for his family. His son Jim is starting school this year. You need to buy them this supplies.

Today Macy's personal-shopping company officially goes to work. Mr. Henry, as her loyal customer, wants to introduce Macy with her first client – Mr.Henry's old friend Mr.Wood who runs a big movie studio. He wants to buy some stuff for his new sci fi movie. Help Macy to buy all stuff that Mr.Wood needs.

Macy got three invitation for Christmas dinner, Mr.Woods, Mr.King and Mr.Qui. Macy needs to follow her heart. But first, you need to help her to pick some great clothes for this special occasion.

After Macy's marriage, that she planned all by herself, there are Rose – her bridesmaid asked her to help her to plain wedding. Rose proposed Macy to be her wedding dress planner and she accepted.